Music Lessons

Hello musicians! Join me online for some fun, adventurous lessons where we will explore popular songs and build the skills necessary to play them. It is my goal to teach you the basics and necessities you will need to play the music that you want!

I am offering 2 options: private one on one lessons or group lessons. The group lessons will follow a step by step program designed to help you to play popular, recognizable songs every week and is for beginners or those wanting to properly learn the basics and build up a solid technique. The private lessons are for those who either already play and want personalized guidance or for those beginners who possibly already play another instrument and already have some musical background.

About the Lesson Material

I have a tried and true method I use to get students to be able to play with ease and comfort as fast as possible. There are certain skills and techniques required to play even the simplest songs and I use a method that gradually guides students through these skills and builds and expands every week to get players to the point where they can start learning songs themselves without worrying about making common mistakes which may hinder them from being able to perform the music they wish to play.

The majority of popular music out there really isnt that difficult to play, but what I keep seeing in guitarists is a lack of fundamentals that simply make a barrier to ever being able to move beyond, and its always a case of improper technique and poor finger movements. So I designed a method that will give students all the basics and reinforce it along the way with real world popular songs they can play with ease and have fun on the journey.

Theres nothing worse than trying to master big 5 or 6 strings chords right at the beginning and getting frustrated because they are just too hard, so I avoid this frustration by easing students into these chords one string at a time and build up the skill to change chords quickly and efficiently, and once this is accomplished the sky is the limit! There are millions of songs you can actually play with a very small number of chords, and my goal is to get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How the group online lessons work

Once a week we will meet via a zoom link and I will demonstrate the lesson material which will be sent out ahead of time. Students can either read along on ipad or computer or can print out the material ahead of time. I will perform the material slowly and explain it clearly so students have a chance to play along, and I will be recording and posting the lessons online afterwards for students to review.

Each lesson is built around mastering guitar techniques that you will need to play popular songs, and we will use each weekly technique and apply them by learning popular, recognizable songs. This is the fun part! And the reality is that a lot of rock songs are actually super simple to play, it just requires a little effort and practice with learning how to efficiently move your fingers to make it as easy for you to play as it is for the pros.


Private: $40 for 30 minute lesson once per week

Group: $25 per lesson - 30 minute lesson once per week

Group Lesson times:

All times are in PST, Vancouver BC time, so please be aware of daylight savings time shift in the fall and spring and plan ahead for that (if you are in an area that doesnt observe daylight savings)

Mondays at 4:00, 4:45, 5:30, 6:15, 7:00

Tuesdays at 4:00, 4:45

Maximum group size 5 students

Payment for lessons will be required before each term: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun. 

More details and lesson schedule will be sent upon registration.

If you are interested please fill out the form below and indicate which group time you wish to sign up for

Looking forward to helping with your musical journey!

A Little About Me

Ive been very fortunate to have a career in music most of my adult life. Ive been playing guitar with The Odds since 2007. I also currently compose music for video games and sell stock music online. I taught guitar at Tom Lee Music in Vancouver and Richmond for 10 years and have taught privately total over 25 years. I took classical piano lessons as a kid and completed Grade 9 RCM as well as Level 2 Music Theory Rudiments. Ive been composing music for video games and game developers for about 10 years and have released a few solo albums of mostly rock music. Ive played in many various bands since I was in College and have learned probably about 2,000 songs in that time. I would love to share my knowledge of all these things with you and hopefully inspire you to follow your musical dreams wherever they may lead you!  


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