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Deserted Temple Anam-Ka'rui (Original Sound Track)

Check out my original score for the Temple Map below!

Ive been fortunate to have the opportunity to expand my musical endeavors and do some work composing music for game developers which I release as music asset packs for sale online. I've composed about 15 "themed" music asset packs for developers and productions to use in media: music for dungeons, battles, steampunk themed music, detective / noire, orchestral music, heist, casino themes, traditional asian music, heavy metal, etc.

Check out my catalog and follow my music on Spotify:

Production Music Packs

All packs contain production music composed and designed for use in games / film /

trailers / visual media of all kinds.

Asset Packs available at Komodo Plaza or

Fantasy Field and Dungeon BGM features beautifully orchestrated music perfect as background score that doesn't get in the way! Drifting, ambient, evolving, lush, sometimes sinister soundscapes suitable for fields, dungeons, any scenes where non-intrusive and subtle music is required.

Some of the most famous and loved music of all time, from composers the world has celebrated for centuries. Meticulously performed and recorded note for note from the original full scores, this pack faithfully emulates the original symphonies to the highest degree! Holst, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Dvorak, Grieg and more.

Rage into battle with this epic new metal pack! This album features 18 tracks of screaming, pounding, thunderous heavy metal music perfect for your high-octane scenes or blazing boss battles. Blending 90’s heavy metal and modern metal production with elements of RPG battle themes.

Tumble into a magical realm, a wondrous, whimsical and charming world featuring Alice in Wonderland  / Harry Potter inspired music. Full of beautiful, innocent and pleasant orchestral gems with nods to the darker, haunted, peculiar and surrealistic style of Tim Burton movies and a touch of Disney charm.

Medieval Warfare is a musical odyssey into battle and war. Inspired by both classic films such as Lord of the Rings and modern favorites such as Game of Thrones, the themes in this pack visit the idea of war - from intense action-packed battles to brief respites of calm and beyond.

Over 30 orchestrated tracks with a distinctive Steampunk/Western sound, from Zimmer-inspired Sherlock Holmes style masterpieces to mysterious Chopin-like piano nocturnes, old ragtime piano / classic saloon, Django Reinhartd-style Gypsy jazz, Baroque harpsichord parlour pieces and post-punk industrial blitzes.

From the lone Tibetan monk standing atop the misty mountain peak to the mysterious ninja racing across the village rooftops, the mystical element invoked by the melody of erhu is a true treat. Heaven and Earth features a collaboration with Otori Ayaka - a Niko (Chinese Erhu) player from Japan.

From mournful cello to intense violins and mysterious harps, there's something about string instruments that gives them a truly special sound. Epic Strings is a set of 14 music themes that covers a variety of orchestral themes, from mysterious dragon encounters to adrenaline-inducing battle themes.

Inspired by some of the most beloved orchestral theme, Rebel Rapture draws on the power of voices to deliver an incredible musical medley. Whether you're looking for a spiritual theme to give your churches a feeling of awe, or want that epic boss theme with blazing guitars, this pack is a versatile treat full of variety.

From classic Sherlock Holmes to the modern police procedural, there's a theme for every setting. CSI inspired modern themes featuring dark, dramatic, pulsing synths and percussion, ambient avante-garde noire inspired swells and clusters, chill Pink Panther style jazz, and modern pop piano themes ala 007 Skyfall and The Mentalist.

Swanky themes inspired by some of your favorite thief movies, from modern cyber crime, synth propelled techno chill, to Oceans 11 inspired acid jazz,vintage cop show 70s flavored funk / R&B, dramatic orchestral crime-in-progress themes perfect for breaking into buildings, picking locks, or a midnight bank vault raid.

Classic Fantasy Music Pack contains a variety of songs and sound effects that will find a home in any fantasy-based game. Inspired heavily by favorite RPGs such as Final Fantasy or The Legend of Zelda, this pack is a familiar trip down memory lane to the golden age of gaming soundtracks.

Spanish Guitar Strings is a set of 14 music themes that covers everything from passionate romance to quick duels and beyond. Featuring fast-paced, skilled Classical / Flamenco finger-work and traditional Spanish instruments, resulting in authentic-sounding material that's sure to bring forth some fiery flamenco flair.

Intensify the thrill of your games with Sinister Hollows, a versatile music pack that can find a home in a horror / thriller game as well as a classic fantasy game that needs a touch of the eerie, spooky and dangerous. Combining melodic sounds with dark ambiance, this unique pack is a great fit for fear-inducing fun.

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