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Hey folks, Ive been hard at work on something Ive been wanting to do for years, write an epic long opus with movements, different sections, juxtaposing emotions and contrasting vibes. Well, I finally have one sketched out. Looking like 13+ minutes of rock and orchestral glory! Check out some samples below:

Sample of 3:30 - 5:40. Suite I into Suite II:

Dark Star Suite I - II Sample Apr 22 2020Murray Atkinson
00:00 / 02:13

Sample of roughly 9:05 - 11:50, Suite IV into the final Suite V:

Dark Star Suite V - VI sample Apr 22 202Murray Atkinson
00:00 / 02:50


Tracks from Salt March album released September 2010 on Pheromone Records

No longer available anywhere...

Except here!!!

Salt March is an album that I produced, performed and wrote everything. I played all the guitars, most bass (that's Doug Elliott on "Fortune" and Aaron Grant on "Make You Mine") sang all the vocals, played keyboards, basically did everything except play drums. I recorded all the guitars at various home studios, rehearsal spaces, wherever I could scrounge up a decent mic and amp combo.

It was interesting how the whole thing came together. It’s an album that realistically was probably over six or seven years in the making. It was more about compiling ideas, and experimenting while trying to capture something musical and interesting. A lot of the material on this album was first take attempts that were created while in the act of experimentation. Many times I got lucky and managed to capture that first take magic. So it’s an interesting album in that it was written, recorded, and created entirely off the grid, off the musical radar if you will, and is kind of a pure representation of what it was I was trying to achieve with little to no outside input or opinions. There were no managers, label reps, A&R or anybody standing by during the process to offer guidance or input, or to help shape things to “fit the market” of the time. The only changes that were made because of outside input was when the whole thing was finished and I signed with an indie label based out of Toronto called Pheromone Recordings. The head of that label, Kim Cooke, had some ideas about remixing, so we went back into the Armoury studios in Vancouver to remix a couple of the tracks.

The two co-writers who are on the album are Craig Northey and Lance Lapointe. Craig helped out with some lyrics and the bridge in Unfamiliar and Lance wrote the riff that became the bridge for Behind Closed Doors. Lance was actually in the band for a while. We’ve been close friends since the mid-90s.

And Paul Silveira was a huge part of this album seeing the light of day. He recorded all the drums at Armoury Studios and also mixed a few songs and oversaw / co-mixed the rest. We worked together in the studio as a mixing team; he would start the song, get the drums going, then I would mix everything else around that, and he would come back at the end to adjust what I had done and thats how it all got mixed.

The rights to this album officially reverted back to me after my deal expired last year which feels great to own the music again. Thinking of a re-release at some point in 2020, a 10 year reunion re-release!

Control room perspective of Pat Steward laying down the drums at the Armoury Studios in Vancouver for "Never The Machine Forever", an instrumental Soundgarden cover in progress...

(hes rocking live in the big room behind the panels)

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